Steps to Buying a Home


#1 - Figure Out Your Price Range 

Provide your income, debt, and assets to the lender of your choice and they will tell you how much of a loan you are qualified for. This should give you a pretty realistic idea of how much money you will need for a down payment and what your monthly mortgage will be at different loan amounts. Please make sure to be aware that just because you are told that you can afford a certain amount it is important to make sure that you understand what it will cost monthly and that you are comfortable with it. Do not feel like just because you are given an amount that you have to go to the top limit of that amount. If you don't have a lender in mind I would be happy to assist in finding the right lender.


#2 - Decide Your Criteria

Once you have an idea on price, you can start asking yourself a lot of questions. How many bedrooms? Bathrooms? Location? Fireplace? Single Story? Consider what is important to you. An updated kitchen or a big yard? Close to work or more square footage? Don't worry if you don't really know or care yet because the house searching process will help you further define your criteria.  


#3 - You Receive Daily Updates

At this point, anything that is on the market or comes on the market- you will know about it.


#4 - I Show You Houses

Based on the daily updates, you will let me know which houses you really like and want to go see in person. During this time, you may find your dream home the first time we go out or it may take several weeks to find just what you are looking for. 


#5 - Submit an Offer 

Once you find one you like, you can submit an offer. It is rare to get the first house you put an offer on, there is usually some negotiating and decision-making. 


#6 - Accepted Offer - Open Escrow

If the offer you submitted has been accepted, then we open escrow. This is another long process that I will be happy to share with you more in person. A heads up that there are a few items during escrow that will cost money (appraisal, inspection, etc). Sometimes people can be caught off guard by this. I want to make sure that you know of every penny that you will spend. 


I will be here to help the entire time, don't ever hesitate to ask any questions. I want to make sure you understanding what is going on and enjoy the process!