If you are looking to buy, sell, or just gather more information about real estate, I am here to help. My goal is to help you build a better understanding of what the true costs will be and what the current market is showing. Building knowledge of the accurate facts and a realistic understanding of the process will help you better understand if it is time to buy or sell. Once that decision has been made, I will be there to help walk you through the process from beginning to end, ensuring that you are comfortable and confident the entire time. 

Planning the Numbers

​​ provides some very helpful mortgage and investment calculators. Use the calculators to compare borrowing costs and plan for your future. Check out all the calculators here at....


Escrow the Process


The escrow period is the time frame between an accepted offer and the transaction completion. The time period can vary, but a third party company holds money and coordinates between parties. You can see more of the details in regards to escrow here...

Understanding the Lingo


The language of real estate can be tough if you are not familiar with the terms and acronyms. Check out the Real Estate Glossary from Red Fin is a great website for consumers to get their feet wet...